The skatepark is open to BMX, skateboard, scooter & inline.

To ride the park you must become members of skaterham. To do this you need follow the link to Session bookings and register, You can also book your session at the same time if you want to. Membership is Free..

We are located in a converted chapel off the Coulsdon Road, Caterham, opposite the large Tesco. Click for directions.

When you first register online through our booking system you will fill in a questionnaire and consent form which give you free membership. You must be a member to ride at Skaterham

If you would like to make a donation please click the banner below:

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If you do your shopping online you can also help raise funds for Skaterham. Please click here for more information.

About us




Skaterham was originally built to offer somewhere safe and challenging for young people to go and practice extreme sports. During the development of the former Caterham Barracks, the developer, Linden Homes offered the community the opportunity to build something for future generations and so twenty years ago a youth conference was held to find out what young people in the area needed, and Skaterham was born!


In the past two decades more than 30,000 young people have become members, and active membership currently stands at 4000, with many of our original young members returning as parents with their own children.


Through donations and fundraising, and entry fees we have continued to grow Skaterham, and have a shop, a cafe, viewing platforms, new toilets, professional sound and lighting, and a tuck shop.


We have recently introduced fitness classes, run by our manager Darren, a qualified fitness instructor


We continue to improve and build on our success thanks to our members and our amazing volunteers. Skaterham relies on goodwill and funding to survive – we are a charity and keep our entry fee low so that is affordable for all.


We offer a friendly, safe and supportive environment for riders of all ages and abilities in the evenings, at week-ends and in the holidays.


If you haven’t yet visited Skaterham please come along and have a look around.  You’ll be amazed!


Marilyn Payne, MBE

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