June 2018

Its BBQ time and its also free for members of Skaterham.  This Thursday 6-7 pm. (then watch the England   game)  Just pay for your normal session and you’re guaranteed a free burger / burnt sausage etc  .

Message Daz for more details of youth activities coming your way soon   



The Skaterham to Brighton Bike ride on Sunday 17th June 2018

Well we all made it. We left Skaterham at 9.30 and with a couple of stops on the way we arrived between 4 & 5pm.  A hard slog against the wind and the last bit into Brighton was hard…………  Well done everyone and many thanks to those of you who sponsored us.


The all day booking on 1st July has been cancelled so Sunday 1st is now available for Party bookings – call on 01883 348184 or email Skaterham@hotmail.com