To book, email us, or call 01883 348184 and leave a message….

Enjoy a night out, get fitter and make friends…..

JUNIORS (U14s) 530-630PM (£3)

ADULTS (15+) 7-8PM (£5)

Suitable for all ability levels.

Here is our handy guide if you are nervous about coming to your first group exercise class…

  1. Everyone was new once, don’t worry, tell the instructor you are new and listen / watch for less impact options
  2. Wear sports clothing and trainers, bring a water bottle and towel too
  3. There will be small breaks throughout the class
  4. If you finish early, please ensure you do your own stretches / warm down….. this will be done as a group at the end too
  5. Have fun, enjoy and relax….

Reasons for group exercise:

  1. One class can burn up to 600 calories
  2. Improves heart and lung function = improved endurance
  3. Adds and creates tone
  4. Great for making friends and its a night out too…. stay after the class for a drink
  5. Supports Skaterhams’ vision to become a better community project and ensures the future of the project